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DIY: How to maintain your embroidery machine?

DIY: How to maintain your embroidery machine?

Hello my dear embroiderers, how are you? The idea for today’s post came to me because in the middle of so much work that I had to do, the time has come to make my routinary monthly maintenance to my embroidery machines. This is the time to take care of them, to remove the lint […]

Introduction to embroidery techniques: applique, patch and 3D embroidery

Patch, applique, and 3D embroidery

Hi embroiderers, how are you? Today I want to bring you some information about three popular techniques for improving and decorating your embroidery designs: appliques, patches and 3D embroidery. I would love to share some of my experience with you! I hope that you can start considering adding even more originality to your embroidery works. […]