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Introduction to embroidery techniques: applique, patch and 3D embroidery

Patch, applique, and 3D embroidery

Hi embroiderers, how are you? Today I want to bring you some information about three popular techniques for improving and decorating your embroidery designs: appliques, patches and 3D embroidery. I would love to share some of my experience with you! I hope that you can start considering adding even more originality to your embroidery works. […]

Embroidery Designs for beginners: where to start

Machine Embroidery Designs for beginners: where to start

What is a digital embroidery design?  A digital embroidery design it’s a vectorized template that allows us to indicate to our embroidery machine all the specifications we wish to see in our embroidery. For instance, the type of stitch, the amount of stitches, thread colors, shapes, and letters. In other words, this template is the […]