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Embroidery problems and how to fix them

Embroidery problems and how to fix them

Hello embroiderers! How are you doing? This week I’ve been working on some spooky orange and black Halloween patchs with some of these designs. While I was at it, I had made a few mistakes, especially related with the thread color change issue. That is why I wanted to make this post where I will […]

Introduction to embroidery techniques: applique, patch and 3D embroidery

Patch, applique, and 3D embroidery

Hi embroiderers, how are you? Today I want to bring you some information about three popular techniques for improving and decorating your embroidery designs: appliques, patches and 3D embroidery. I would love to share some of my experience with you! I hope that you can start considering adding even more originality to your embroidery works. […]