Terms and Conditions

Copyright restrictions and privileges

We will be more than happy to see our designs on any product you make. You can even send us photos of your creations to share with the embroidery community! That will motivate us to continue creating new designs day by day.

You can use all the designs published on www.freeembroiderydesigns.net to create products for personal use or to sell, but you cannot resell the designs or distribute them. We spend many hours generating the designs and offer them for free so that they can be used in personal items or resale items, but not to market the designs themselves, share them or exchange them with those that are not registered on our site. Our designs cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way. Nor can they be modified or republished on other sites without our express permission.

Licensed designs

In case you want to market your products with our embroidered designs, you should keep in mind that all copyrights and trademarks of images of cartoon characters, brand logos, movies and other designs with their own license, belong to their respective owners and their commercial use is illegal.

We do not sell or claim ownership over the characters and logos used in any design. They belong to their respective copyright holders. All our designs are offered for free. The only payment service we offer is the subscription to our “Embroidery Club”, whose payment corresponds to our time spent creating, designing, digitizing and customizing designs every week for registered users of www.freeembroiderydesign.net.