Have you ever thought about venturing into cap embroidery?

Cap embroidery business

Hello dear embroiderers! I hope you are doing very well and that you are fully engaged with your embroidery undertaking.

Today I want to tell you about embroidery on a particular type of garment. Do you like the idea? Well, I think that most of you once used this garment. What’s more, I’m sure that absolutely everyone tried it on, although they may have taken them off afterwards because they didn’t like how they fit (this happened to me).

In short, we’ll investigate the topic of cap embroidery. Here you can find what you need to know to start this adventure; what are its advantages, what audience do you aim to have, what machines to choose and finally you could see how it works.

Why choose to embroider caps

I want to share with you a little list about the advantages of embroidering on caps, this will help you to really consider this option. Let’s start:

  • They are in fashion all year round.
  • They fit with various styles of clothing. Although a number of people use them informally, many also decide to combine them for meetings and other events.
  • You have amazing freedom to design and for this, you can choose new materials and make a difference with your competitors.
  • If you choose to make your designs in a personalized way, you will expand the limits of your market.

Think about what your target audience could be

To think about this, it will be useful to imagine what you would embroider on each cap, which ones you have seen have really impacted on you. In addition, you can dabble in and propose to innovate, design something never seen before. But hey, let’s go a little more inside our point. Once you imagine the type of cap you want to design, the type of public will come to your head. However, you don’t lock yourself up to just one. So that you keep your head open, I will share with you possible audiences to whom you can aim to get, okay? :

  1. Individuals looking for personalized designs: it can be with drawings and specific phrases of each person.
  1. Sports clubs: you can produce for fanatics of certain clubs, as well as directly to the club. The latter will generate a greater direct demand.
  1. Companies: many industries, especially food, have as a protocol that their employees wear caps with their logos. This is a spectacular niche that you can also take into account when offering your products.

Universities: clearly all the time you see that students wear the logo and name of their university. Well, caps are no exception. You can evaluate which colleges you would like to see embroidered on your caps.

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How to know which embroidery machine to choose?

It’s extremely important that you bear in mind that the choice of your machinery is essential, not only for embroidering caps but for any type of garment that you want to embroider.

If you want to produce high-quality caps, you must invest in the right equipment. For this reason, I recommend high-tech machines, since they are programmed to work quickly and maintain very high quality standards.

Beware of buying low-quality machines! At first you may be convinced by the price and the fact that they can deliver orders quickly, but remember if quality suffers, it will not be worth that investment. That is why it is essential that you do not allow poor quality products to paralyze your business. As a result, you will only have unhappy customers, wasted time and a bad reputation. Be careful! because it takes a lot to reverse bad reputations. So make sure you have the right equipment and make your place at the top of the industry.

But when choosing a machine you will wonder how to choose the correct one. Well, here I will explain about the issues that you should take into account when choosing between a single or multiple head embroidery machine.

Single-Head embroidery machine

Let’s start with the single head embroidery machine. If you choose this option, your business should have these characteristics:

  • Be a small or new company.
  • Have a small customer base.
  • Look for a low investment risk since it is the cheapest price on the market.
  • Wanting a compact and portable machine. You would take advantage of its production all the time because you can embroider while It moves. 
  • Be prepared for this advanced technology that maintains high speeds, achieving high quality results.

An example of this kind of machine is the HappyJapan HCU Series. This is a leader in the industry and the only model that uses Artificial Intelligence. Do you know that with it you no longer need to control your work at all times? That’s right, your previous cap jobs will be remembered. You just have to press and see how the designs are created. In general, you will be able to optimize your internal processes and improve the efficiency of your production line. The HCU series combines power, quality and speed achieving truly innovative results.

Some of its characteristics are that it has: control panel with color LCD touch screen, a single head 15 colors, maximum speed 1500 SPM, free PC connection software, LAN and USB network port, 100 small integrated designs, cut- threads and performs the color change automatically.

However, not everything is spectacular with this type of machine. Why? Well, I’ll tell you that, as you can imagine, the single head machine can only embroider one cap at a time. But we have the solution for it, if you need to increase your production, the ideal would be that you dare and buy an industrial machine with multiple heads. Do you know that a machine like this can embroider up to 12 caps at a time? Buying these machines, you will exponentially increase your production.

Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

Let’s review together the points you should keep in mind when buying a multi-head machine. Look, it’s advisable that your business has these qualities:

  • Be a growing company. There will be periods of the year that you are going to have a boom so you must be prepared for periods of high demand. Keep in mind that it’s crucial that you deliver your orders on time, this will attract potential customers!
  • Be ready for this type of technology. Like those of a head, these work quickly maintaining high standards, but as we pointed out the difference is in the volume of production that each one can have in a day.
  • Be willing to invest a large sum of money.

Regarding the machines that you can run into, I share a model present on the market: HappyJapan HCR3-1504E. This has 4 heads with which you can multiply your production capacity. It is characterized by having a 10.4-inch color LDC touch control panel, 15 colors multi-head, and like theHappyJapan HCU Seriesit has: a maximum speed 1000 SPM, free PC connection software, USB network port and LAN, thread cutter and color change automatically.One of the crucial differences is that HappyJapan HCR3-1504Ehas a memory of 40,000,000 stitches, making it possible to save 250 designs.

Do you want to see how it works?

Did you think I wouldn’t show you how it works? Of course, what better way than to see it yourself with your own eyes, to be able to get rid of all your doubts. Are you ready? Well, I will share a video of Laura who will show you the best tips for embroidering caps, in this case Richardson 112 caps. In addition, it’s good that you see another variety of machine. She uses an excellent Ricoma embroidery machine.

What are you waiting for? Click and learn how it is the step by step to embroider your own caps!

Well, that is all for now. But I’ll continue adding posts so that you always feel motivated in this world of embroidery. Keep accompanying me on this path, you’ll find thousands of adventures.

I hope you liked it and wonder why not get involved in cap embroidery.

Any questions or contributions you want to make, you know, leave it in the comments!

Take care and sew you soon!