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Hello embroiderers, how did you start the year?

I hope very well and full of energy for everything to come. For me, every New Year means pushing for new goals. Because that’s what living is about, isn’t it? It’s about rewriting our life all the time and editing it depending on who we want to become. That is why I bring you a proposal. Now is the time to get active and why not jump in and formally start our embroidery business!

Because of that I think that it’s a great idea to share a guide that you can use when you are setting up your own business. You’ll have many things to consider, but don’t worry, this post will show you everything you need to know about starting an embroidery business.

Why should you start an embroidery business?

You would be surprised to know that there are many reasons that will drive you to adventure into this business. That is why I want to share 5 of many more with you (sorry but I had to narrow them down because otherwise the list can be endless). Here they go:

  1. If you consider embroidery to be your passion: what do you think about going to work with a smile every day? Having a job that you like is something that many people can only dream of. It’s simple, most people who dabble in embroidery are because they love it.
  2. The profitability of the industry: it is profitable because it is everywhere. I mean, everyone buys embroidery items, especially companies. We all know that embroidered uniforms have a better impression and look much more stylish.
  3. The growth in the industry: this is huge and is the main reason embroidery companies are growing in popularity.
  4. Embroidery is very durable: that’s why there is always a demand for embroidered items and that’s internationally.
  5. Work flexibility: many people enjoy the flexible hours that come with running your own embroidery business. You can be your own boss, this means that you can work your own hours and not have to be accountable to anyone. You will take control of your own growth.

What skills will you need?

Before starting your business, it is good that you evaluate if you have the right skills or not. Does that mean that if you don’t have them you won’t be able to have your embroidery business? Of course not, you’ll simply have to hire people to help you achieve your goals and thus be able to grow professionally.

Below I show you the different areas of your future business and the characteristics you or your employee should have in order to perform well:

  1. Production: although at the beginning you will not have to have specific qualities, keep in mind that the operation of the machine and the knowledge of the different fabrics and seams will give you the training and experience you need. On the other hand, there are also different embroidery techniques that depend on the materials used.
  2. Design: the quality of an embroidery product is highly dependent on the design stage. Therefore, the person who takes this role will have to know a lot about the subject. If you can’t produce solid designs for your client, how will you grow your business? Keep in mind that nowadays, with the advancement of technology, designs aren’t made only on paper. Many machines work with design software, so you or someone you choose needs the relevant computer design knowledge and the ability to put it into practice.
  3. Commercial: you will have to have commercial operation skills. It is key that you know that embroidery companies tend to operate with fast response times. Also, take punctuality very seriously in your deliveries if you want your business to grow.
  4. Communication: it is important that you know how to communicate clearly what your business is about, remember that unless they are people who know you, others will find out about you through what you communicate.
  5. General management: a good control of the numbers is essential to be able to prosper in any business. You know that if this base doesn’t exist, you will lose everything.
  6. Planning: everything must be merely planned, remember that being you, your own boss, you can’t leave anything free. You have to take care of planning your business based on the objectives you have in mind.

What equipment should you buy for your embroidery business?

First of all, you have to know what size of company you are willing to have. Also, how much you plan to grow, this will help you save money in the long run.

Having decided the above, you know well that one of the first things you will need is an embroidery machine. But beware, there are many different options on the market and you have to pay close attention to choosing a machine. Choosing the wrong embroidery machine can have monetary but also operational consequences.

You may also be interested: How do I choose an embroidery machine?

Another thing that you will need are the materials that you are going to embroider. This depends on the variety of services you provide to your clients. You well know that they can be embroidered on many types of products.

Clearly if you have the money, it is advisable that you buy a complete stock of materials that are ready to use as soon as you need them. Items that are popular in the embroidery industry are:

But you may wonder how do you know which are the most popular items to get started? For this, think about the types of clients who are always looking for things embroidered. For example, companies, sports teams, fast food restaurants, and charities.

Lastly, you will need access to a computer and a printer for your designs. And of course, don’t forget about the most advanced designs. Digital design software can ensure that they are always professional and meet the highest standards.

How much will it cost to start an embroidery business?

The main cost to start your embroidery business will be the investment in your machines. If you plan to produce complex logos and designs in general, you will need to purchase a commercial embroidery machine and digital design software. Also, you have to think that you will have to pay for the training to be able to use the machines.

But, what about the real costs of starting your business? Well, you know that these are going to vary depending on the size of your company and the number of clients you have set as a goal to have.

Follow me, I am going to go with these two options so that you take into account both scenarios. On the one hand, smaller companies will only need a single-head embroidery machine, while larger companies will demand a multi-head machine to meet the most urgent demands and why not a higher volume of customers.

The cost averages are as follows:

  • A single head embroidery machine – USD 7.000.
  • A multi-head embroidery machine – USD 13.000.

But, where will you produce? I haven’t forgotten about that part. You also have to bear in mind that if you rent a place, you will have additional costs. But yes, it will vary depending on the location, the size of the property and local taxes.

Of course, your materials will be another expense. But just like where you work, this will also depend on other factors. In this case, it will vary depending on one supplier or another and also on how many units of products you buy.

Are there any legal requirements?

As you can imagine, there are legal requirements to know when you start any type of company.

When you are going to decide the location of your business, please bear in mind to consider whether the facilities comply with health and safety regulations.

Also, while you don’t need a specific license to run an embroidery business, you will need to have insurance in case something goes wrong. Another issue to keep in mind is that if you have employees, then there are regulations that you must comply with. For example, payroll, pensions, and national insurance tax.

How do you commercialize your business?

Great, now I’ll leave you some tips for you to think about your marketing strategy. These steps will surely order you and you can fulfill what you propose:

  1. Determine what your objectives are as a company: what are you looking to achieve? Is it an income or profit goal? How many leads per month do you need to generate the income you want? Based on this, define a budget.
  2. Think about where you would like to promote yourself: as you know, having your website is key because it will be the public face of your business. It will probably be the first impression of your brand and products that your potential customer will see. Therefore, it is important for your page to be amazing before investing in advertising.
  3. Choose Google Ads: it can generate quick profits by placing your brand directly in front of the search engines for the terms you choose. It’s a great way to create potential customers quickly.
  4. Focus on long-term brand awareness and your organic content: it means that your posts must be attractive. Here your goal will be to build trust in Google. If they recognize that you have authority and that search engines spend a lot of time on your website, they are likely to rate it positively. And this for what? Higher positions mean more traffic to your website. So make sure you choose the correct words for your posts.

Well that’s all for today, I really hope that all this information will be extremely useful to you! You know, starting your own business and fulfilling your dream is up to you. You just need to make your mind clear, and if you are one of mine, take a pencil and a paper, and start designing your own embroidery business.

Are you already thinking of starting your own business?

Let me know in the comments below!

Take care and till next time!


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