Types Of Embroidery Machine Formats

Hi, embroiderers! Welcome to Free Embroidery Design’s first post!
My name is Mary, and I’m the person behind this website. I created this space to share my embroidery designs with you and help this community of embroiderers to grow 🙂
So I hope this blog results useful to you and your embroidery business!

This time, I’d like to talk about the differents formats that we can find for each embroidery machine brand. And also, I want to show you how to use all of the embroidery designs that we have. If you are a begginer in the world of embroidery, I believe this information will be really helpful!

Let’s start…
Quite possibly, if you already have an embroidery machine, it has a mark and additionally uses other extensions for your comfort. What types of embroidery machine formats exist?

Types of Embroidery Designs Machine Formats.

PES o PEC. These are the Brother or Babylock machines formats, based on stitches.

JAN o JEF These are the Janome machines extensions.

SEW Also used by Janome machines, but also by Elna (which also use EMD) and Kenmore.

Husqvarna: if you embroider with it, you will use the HUS extension.

Tajima, “The best on market”, uses DST, although is also used by other brands like Barudan.

Tajima also addmits EXP which is the format of Melco machines.

The classic Singer uses CSD format, but also works with XXX (.xxx extension).

VIP puts Pfaff card, and also goes with PCS.

If you know any other format, or if you have trouble by using our free embroidery designs, please contact us on the “Contact” section of our website and I’ll be happy to help you.

How to use our designs on the embroidery machine? Keep on reading!

This is really simple and you don’t need an additional software. You can even do it with your tablet!

First of all, the obvious part: you have to download the file -check all our free embroidery designs!- and save it on your computer.
Then, copy it on an USB memory. Stop! I suggest not to copy lots at once, because if the designs browser of our machine its kind of rudimentary -the domestics usually show it roughly and in monochrome-, we can get lost searching for what we need.

Once copy, we extract the pendrive from our computer and plug it to the embroidery machine. Now, all left to do is to select, most of domestics embroidery machines allows redimension, rotate and move the design according to our needs.

That’s it, people! Hope you’d liked this first post. I promise to continue publishing about embroidery, giving you tips and value information. SEW you next time!


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