Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine Review

singer heavy duty 4432 sewing machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine is one of the best sellers in amazon in 2020.

The 4432 is designed with your heavy duty projects in mind, from denim to canvas. Thanks to the machine’s powerful motor, you have extra high sewing speed to save you time.

With adjustable presser foot pressure, you can also sew very lightweight sheers, and the stainless steel bedplate allows fabrics to glide over the machine with ease.

This mechanical machine is affordable, fast, versatile and easy to use.

The Singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machine is a popular option for several reasons, including name brand recognition and preference.

Main Features:

  • Stitch Applications (110): means a specific sewing technique that you can do with a selected stitc
  • Built-In Stitches (32):Choose from a variety of stitches for basic sewing, decorative sewing, and more
  • Stronger motor than standard sewing machines allows it to sew through heavyweight fabrics with ease
  • Fully automatic 1-step bUttonhole:
  • Automatic needle Threader
  • TOP Drop-In bobbin with clear view cover
  • Automatic reverse
  • Three needle positions
  • Adjustable presser foot presure control


Easy Threading & Automatic Needle Threader allow for quick set-up.

singer heavy duty 4432 sewing machine


32 Built-In Stitches are the basic of mending, home decor and fashion.


Stainless Steel Bed Plate is essential for smooth fabric feed.

singer heavy duty 4432 sewing machine


Heavy Duty Metal Frame for skip-free sewing & overall durability.


1 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole allows you to create consistent & professional buttonholes.

singer heavy duty 4432 sewing machine

Pros and Cons Singer Heavy Duty 4432 


  • ​Low price
  • Easy to learn: is very user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Easily portable
  • Highlydurable
  • Doesn’t need too much of look after because it is a low maintenance
  • Three needle positions (inserting zippers, cording and topstitching) provide more control


  • The dull color of the machine can be considered as a disadvantage.
  • The lighting is quite poor.

Video Singer Heavy Duty 4432 in Action!

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