How To Download Wilcom TrueSizer for FREE

How to download TrueSizer Wilcom

Welcome back, embroiderers!

Today I bring you a very simple guide to download Wilcom TrueSizer e4 totally FREE!

This software will help you, among other things, to modify your embroidery files, convert their formats and resize them

So keep reading to learn how to get it for free!

Some benefits of using Wilcom TrueSizer e4:

  • It can be downloaded for free.
  • Allows working with all embroidery formats.
  • It’s a universal file conversion tool which makes it compatible with industrial and domestic embroidery file formats.
  • It is based on the same central Wilcom professional embroidery design software, tool that can be used either to change formats, change sizes or to print the design with all its properties.

Now, what can you use the Wilcome TrueSizer e4 specifically for?

These are some of its uses:

  • Resize, rotate and reflect designs.
  • Send .EMB files by email directly from the application.
  • Save designs in the Wilcom .EMB format.
  • Maintain the original sewing effects and densities, including elegant advanced fillings, etc.
  • View designs in TrueView ™ and in normal stitch display.
  • Prepare sales presentations and impressions for sales.
  • Save to embroidery disk.
  • Open and modify the size of embroidery designs precisely.
  • Read and convert many popular file formats, commercial and home, expanded / compressed.
  • Convert designs to various commercial and domestic file formats, for production.

Ready to use the program? I leave you a step-by-step guide to download the free Wilcom TrueSizer e4:

  1. Enter to theWilcom website
  2. Click on Get FREE TrueSizerfree embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom
  3. Choose the TrueSizer e4 option and click on “Get it free now”
    free embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom
  4. Click on “Register” to create a new account or Sign in if you already have one

    The next steps is only for new users
  5. Fill out the form and then go to “Click here to get TrueSizer for free”. There you can fill out the form as follows:
    free embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom
  6. Click on “Register”
  7. Now you’ll receive an email containing a link to activate your account. Click there and then you’ll be redirected to validate your account on Wilcom site.
  8. Login with your account.
    free embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom
  9. Click again on Get FREE TrueSizer. Choose the TrueSizer e4 option and click on “Get it free now” (view steps 2 and 3).
  10. Click on submit
    free embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom
  11. A download page will open.
    free embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom
  12. And done! Your download has started! For program installation, follow the TrueSizer support that appears on the same download page:
    free embroidery design TrueSizer Wilcom

Enjoy! Sew you next time!

PD: Here are all our free embroidery designs in EMB format that you can open with Wilcom TrueSizer and edit without losing quality.

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