Cricut EasyPress™ 2 Heat Press Machine

Combining the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, Cricut EasyPress 2 gives you fast, effortless results that really last, even after repeated washes.

Eliminate guesswork with rigorously tested time and temperature settings for every project, apply heat, and when the beep sounds, you’re done! Helpful safety features include an insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature. Cricut

And don’t let its small size fool you, this gadget can heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit thereby providing you with the flexibility to work with different kinds of materials and fabrics.

EasyPress 2 is lightweight, portable, easy to store, and compatible with most major brands of heat-transfer vinyl and all Infusible Ink™ products.

Main Features:

  • The EasyPress comes in 3 different sizes i.e. 6-in x 7-in, 9-in x 9-in and 12-in x 10-in.
  • Advanced heat plate design with ceramic-coated surface
  • Precise temperature control up to 400℉ (205°C)
  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to store

3 different sizes

The EasyPress comes in 3 different sizes i.e. 6-in x 7-in, 9-in x 9-in and 12-in x 10-in:

  • 9 inches x 9 inches (22. 5 inches x 22. 5 inches) size ideal for basic t shirts, tote bags, pillows, aprons, and more
  • 12 inches x 10 inches size (30 centimeter x 25 centimeter) ideal for larger t-shirts, sweatshirts, banners, blankets, and more
  • 6 inches x 7 inches (15 centimeter x 17.5 centimeter) size ideal for smaller projects like baby clothes, accessories, hats, and more
Cricut EasyPress™ Heat Press Machine
Cricut EasyPress™ Heat Press Machine

Precise Dials

The machine comes with 6 buttons through which you can control everything that you’d like to get done.

The first button is the power button. The second button is the temperature button which you’ll simply use to adjust the temperature at which you want to work with.

Then there is the timer button. Of course, this is the button you’ll need to use to determine how long you want the heat press to last. You’ll also find the +/- buttons. These two are no brainer. Simply use the + or – to adjust the temperature and timer settings either upward or downward.

Lastly, there is a button labeled with the Cricut Logo (C). This is an interactive button that guides you on the mode that the machine is in. It alerts you on when the machine is ready for use and pretty much helps you know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Auto-Off feature

The machine comes with an Auto-Off feature which goes a long way in preventing accidents. It’s also a good feature for your peace of mind. Whatever the situation, you can rest assured that this machine will automatically turn itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Cricut EasyPress™ Heat Press Machine
Cricut EasyPress™ Heat Press Machine

Great Heat Plate Design

Great Heat Plate Design Unlike a typical heat-press, this one is uniquely designed such that it heats up evenly, throughout its surface. it comes with two heating elements instead of one. This allows for edge-to-edge heating and a flawless transfer of heat..

Pros and Cons Cricut EasyPress™ 2


  • 3 different sizes to choose from
  • You can easily adjust the heat for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And to do that you simply need to interact with the digital, LED dashboard via the buttons provided.
  • The LED dashboard itself lights up brightly drawing your attention to the exact settings the machine is set on. On top of that, this device produces a beep to alert you when it’s ready or when a pressing session is complete.
  • Light in Weight & Compact: it comes with a handy, easy-grip handle at its top. You can easily slide it into a tote bag and take it with you.


  • The 6×7 one is rather too small unless you are dealing with extremely small projects.

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