New Brothread Thread Spool Savers

100pcs Thread Spool Savers
100pcs Thread Spool Savers

About New brothread Company

New brothread is a very professional Manufacturer and Supplier for all machine and hand Embroidery & Sewing Supplies Since 1988.

They owned TOP high quality machines including Twisting machines with Italian technology and Winding machines with Germany technology to supply their Embroidery & Sewing Threads in high quality.

New Brothread is dedicated to provide First-Class embroidery supplies to simplify your daily life.

Thread spool savers

With these 100pcs or 20pcs thread spool savers, you can be completely free from the messy days when wild ends of thread unwind all over the place and get tangled with other spools. Besides, these thread spool huggers also perfectly provide an appropriate hold to maintain the thread tension.

These thread spool huggers are thin enough to create no space issue when being stored in your thread rack or case, in the meantime, they can firmly hold thread spools to keep thread tails from unraveling and loosing tension. Very simple way to make your thread spools to be orderly organized.

These thread spool savers are made of superior silicon with high flexibility that can be twisted in any way, which makes them fit to various size of home sewing and embroidery thread spools.

With the flexible silicon material, these thread spool huggers will always curl back to original shape after taking from spools

100pcs Thread Spool Savers


  • Best thread spools organizer
  • Space saver
  • Flexible material (sillicon) to fit different size spools
  • Reuseable design
  • Dimensions: 10.1 x 5.9 x 1.8 inches
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