Rack Organizer for Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Rack Organizer for Sewing and Embroidery Machin

Is your sewing room not as tidy as you’d like it to be? Wondering where and how do you begin to organize the mess? Are you having problems finding what you were looking for among the loads of thread spools? Well, do not fear, we bring to you our thread organizer rack to help you start organizing your sewing room Thread is the first link to sewing and taking care of them is very important. Here are a few reasons why every crafts person needs this thread organizer rack.

  • The thread organizer rack will change your thread storage system.
  • Holds upto 60 thread spools and almost of any size.
  • The extra tall 3 inch spool pins are removable to accommodate even King size spools.
  • The tall pins also allow for stacking duplicate spools.
  • It is easy to stack because of its shape and unique design.
  • Helps you keep each spool supported and separated.
  • Protects your threads from tangles, loose, saggy on the spools.
  • You can hang this rack right over your work space for easy access.
  • Wall mountable and with white finish, it will fit into any decor.
  • The rack is made up of super quality Plastic which is more durable.
  • Creates plenty of space for new threads and keeps your space organized.


  • PROFESSIONAL THREAD ORGANIZER – An unorganised sewing thread stash could pretty quickly become a mess and might make finding the right spool or keeping up with the inventories a frustrating/annoying experience. Embroidex Thread Organizer rack is an extremely effective thread storage system which not only helps in easy Organization of thread spools but also helps accessing the right ones a lot easier – no searching around or digging through drawers for the matching threads.
  • EASY TO STACK – This is definitely the thread organizer rack you need to have in your craft space. The rack can hold upto 60 spools and that too of almost any sizes. The pins are removable and can accommodate extra large spools as well. The long pins allow stacking duplicate thread spools together and thus give better idea of inventory – helps avoid overstocking and duplicating. Moreover, it is extremely easy to stack spools because of its shape and unique design.
  • DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY – Our thread organizer rack is unique and is made up of superior quality Plastic which makes it sturdy and durable. The rack is wall mountable and comes in a white finish that goes great with any décor . Size: 17-1/4″W x 3-3/4″D (to tip of spindle) x 18-3/4″H (to tip of spindle) (18″H not including the spindle) Easy assembly required
  • TANGLE-FREE PROTECTED THREADS – Tossing spools in a box, drawer or bin will only lead to tangles when rummaging for a specific color as the spools will inevitably unravel, or else will result in loose, saggy spots on the spools. Have you ever picked a spool only to discover that it breaks apart as you start to work with it? Using our thread organizer rack can prevent this by letting you keep each spool well supported and separated from the other one!


hard to assemble but…easy if you have this hint. 

My husband used the edge of a table to push the pieces together and it was easy. This is a perfect holder for serger thread.. You can hold 3 in a row but not more. Still the best yet..


It was a tough choice, but I picked the right thread holder! The spindles are LLLONG and hold more than 1 spool of thread if necessary, which is perfect for large thread stashes. I can stack spools on top of each other (even 2 tall Metzler spools!) or match spools with bobbins of the same color. The sturdy plastic took quite a bit of finger strength to snap the rungs to the vertical frame, but my husband was able to finish it up when my fingers wore out. It is definitely sturdy and perty on my sewing room wall!

Great for finding thread and matching bobbins!

This is very helpful to easily find spools and matching bobbins. For years I struggled to find my thread and avoiding buying duplicate colors. Now, this is hung on my wall, colors are coordinated and the bobbins are with my spools. Easy to hang. A bit difficult to put together. As other reviews suggested, I used two pliers at the same time, one each side. Not hard once you get a few sides done. Then, the shelf’s snap on nicely. Just gently push on each plier and you will hear the “snap”. The length of each spindle easily holds spools. Love this! Will buy another since I only have a few spindles open. Merry Christmas to me!

conclusion to buy the RACK ORGANIZER FOR SEWING

Creates plenty of space for new threads and keeps your space organized What are you waiting for? Buy Now! The Embroidex 60 Thread Organizer Rack and find your threads just when you need them. We also offer you 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! So, why think twice? Order now and get this useful and convenient product delivered to your door step in just 5-6 Days.


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Creates plenty of space for new threads and keeps your space organt


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