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Collaborate with Free Embroidery Design and access to new embroidery designs that will be added to our website for free download!

You can collaborate from as low as U$D 0.50 through the PayPal platform. We will send you a download link to the design once it reaches the payment goal. Collaborating with us, you help us maintain the servers and continue to provide new and better embroidery designs totally free for the entire community!

Click on the button below the design that you want to be available for free download and collaborate to have it as soon as possible on our website!

  1. Sweet Angel Wings

    $0.00 contributed of $8.00 goal
  2. Snoopy Applique 2

    $0.00 contributed of $8.00 goal
  3. Monkey Girl Applique

    $0.00 contributed of $7.00 goal
  4. Bunny and bear Machine Embroidery Design

    Bunny and Bear

    $5.00 contributed of $8.00 goal
  5. Cute Hedgehog Applique

    Cute Hedgehog Applique

    $6.00 contributed of $8.00 goal
  6. Embroidery Design Zebra Baby

    Zebra Baby

    $1.50 contributed of $8.00 goal
  7. Unicorn Design

    $1.50 contributed of $5.00 goal
  8. Birthday Unicorn One embroidery design

    Birthday Unicorn One

    $7.50 contributed of $8.00 goal
  9. Premium Superhero Design

    $2.00 contributed of $4.00 goal